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Here are a few very good resources and reasons to consider adopting a rescue puppy rather than purebred.
Breeder Facts

Here are a few VERY good reasons to consider adopting a rescue puppy rather than purebred.

Do you know what a pedigree really is?  
I bet you think it insures a pristine linage of your new pup.  Not so.  A pedigree simply means a pooch’s ancestry is known, not that a dog is purebred.  Many breeders count on people not knowing this and tout the dogs they are selling are pedigreed.  In fact they may be but grandpa may be a different breed than you are buying.  How many of you check on the family tree of the purebred pup you are considering?

How about titles shown on a pedigree?  
Initials mean various show experiences, not wins, temperament or genetic health.   Working titles address temperament slightly more than confirmation titles.  Research into breed traits and breeders is VERY important.

What about a registered dog?  
All registries do is record information. There are registries that register dogs suspended from more qualified registries.  Often breeders work with multiple registries.  Many back yard, puppy mill and hobby breeders use some of these.  Information can be inaccurate and misleading.

A number of breeders breed for the pretty dog or party dog and a full health screen of parents and pup are not thorough enough or not present at all.  A vet check is not enough.  Do your homework!  Parvo, dysplasia, digestive, patellas, heart and thyroid disorders are only of few problems that show up from many hobby breeder's dogs.  
Rescue mutts actually have fewer of these problems than many purebreds!!

There are simple temperament tests for pups.  A simple phone call can check on the breeder’s status and qualifications.
Not many breeders are truly qualified to meet the standards needed to maintain the highest qualities of the purebred they are selling.  Rescue pups are often raised by fosters who know the dogs well.  Often one parent was rescued with the pups thus temperaments and health are often more than a guess.  A simple temperament test and health screen gives you more or as much factual information than most breeders.

PLEASE at least consider a rescue puppy rather than support and promote the terrible over population brought about by unqualified dog breeders.
United Animal Friends -

UAF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

No More Homeless Pets, Yavapai County, 2010
P.O. Box 11133 Prescott, Arizona 86304  
(928) 778-2924
UAF goals are to expand spay/neuter, foster/adoption and rescue programs in partnership with the community and other agencies.  Provide foster care transition for adoptable pets.  Match up adoptable pets with loving homes.

UAF altered 1471 and re-homed 656 animals in 2007, and hope to do more each year.

All our animals are kept in Foster Homes, so we have no shelter expenses.  Donations and grant money go for spay/neuter, emergency medical, and similar things that directly benefit the animals in our care.  Of course there is never enough money, and we pursue grant money and do fund raisers on a regular basis.  We take animals from Prescott and Chino Valley Animal Control and wherever else we find Homeless Animals.  Since we are not limited by the size of a shelter we can have a no kill policy.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Certificate Hotline
Provides low cost Spay/Neuter Certificates for folks who cannot afford the cost of altering their Companion Animals.

Check out if you are considering a pet and type in the location you are interested in and up pops some great pooches who need you badly.

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The Lucky Club, Prescott, Arizona
The Lucky Club
PO Box 1666
Prescott, AZ 86302

We are a small group of Volunteers who work together to save dogs, cats and horses. But we are finding the local need overwhelming and we really need help - especially FOSTER HOMES FOR CATS AND DOGS - so that we can do more  to help all the needy animals in the Prescott area. Here are some of the ways you can help:

Foster a puppy or dog in your home – we need foster homes desperately!

Be an adoption event handler by helping us show dogs for adoption at Petco, PetsMart and other adoption events

Helping with or working at our fund-raising events

Providing transportation for animals to and from adoption events and/or Vet visits

To volunteer, contact The Lucky Club at 1-928-778-5507 or

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Rescue a Golden, Prescott, Arizona
Golden Retriever
Rescue a Golden of Arizona -

For information on adopting a Golden please contact us at . . .

(602)404-WOOF (9663).

Arizona, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
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Arizona Best Friends
Arizona Best Friends -

Best Friends is a network organization dedicated to saving lives of homeless pets. Their sanctuary in Kanab, Utah is a must visit if you are traveling in the Arizona or Utah area.  Here not only do they shelter dogs and cats, they also rehabilitate wildlife and offer release programs or offer a unique home and haven for those unable to be released back into the wild.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based training techniques, obedience classes and special canine events.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based dog training techniques, dog obedience classes, special canine events, spay and neuter education and information, innovative problem dog behavior solutions, private and group dog training classes, along with lots of fun things to do for people and their canine companions in the beautiful Prescott, Arizona area. Call or email Andy today for more information and to arrange your free consultation!
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