Dining with Canines is a wonderful summer experience for our pooches and for us. Well trained dogs make all our dogs welcome in most patios around town.  The Dandy Dawgs Basics to the Streets, Advanced Basics and Town Hounds programs avail good training for extended down stays, making eating outdoors with our pooches delightful.

Here are a few Dog Friendly Patios around the Prescott area that the Dandy Dawgs Crew and classes enjoy.  

Streets of New York – Sheldon St.
(They help sponsor and support all Dandy Dawgs events!)
Cuppers – Cortez St.
Downtown Dog – Montezuma St.
Wildflower Bread Company - Gateway Mall
Casa de Durango –Montezuma St.
Firehouse Kitchen – Goodwin St.
Pangaea Bakery - Goodwin St.
Waffles N More - Iron Springs Rd.
Lynx Lake Café – Lynx Lake
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based training techniques, obedience classes and special canine events.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based dog training techniques, dog obedience classes, special canine events, spay and neuter education and information, innovative problem dog behavior solutions, private and group dog training classes, along with lots of fun things to do for people and their canine companions in the beautiful Prescott, Arizona area. Call or email Andy today for more information and to arrange your free consultation!
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