Mission Statement
I am passionate about helping people teach their pooches how to optimally live in this crazy human world.
Dany Dawgs, Andy Lloyd's Mission Statement
“What happiness is, no person can say for another; but no one, I am sure, can be happy who lives only for himself.  The joy of living comes only from immersion in something — anything — bigger, better, more enduring, worthier than we (humans) are.  People, ideas, causes — these are for the one possible escape — not merely from selfishness, but from the hungers of solitude and the sorrows of aimlessness.  Don’t turn your back deliberately on the procession.  Existence is a strange bargain.  Life owes us little, we owe it everything.  The only true happiness comes from dedicating ourselves to a purpose.”

~John Mason Brown
That purpose has grown into a passion for the canine species and a passion to help people teach their dogs how to optimally live in this crazy human world. Their loyalty and devotion exceeds anything we, as humans, can usually achieve without great focus and effort. I wonder if it is accidental their name in reverse reflects what most of us immediately revere the thought of. We have a great deal to learn from their present mindedness and quick joy, their quiet peace and exuberant playfulness.
"In the beginning,

God created man,

but seeing him so feeble,

he gave him the dog"

and he gave me Molly

There are enough qualified breeders to keep your breed thriving - let them do their job.

PLEASE . . .  If you only knew the number of pure breeds or pure breed mixes who must have their lives end because there are just too many of them.

PLEASE  . . . Do not add to the problem of over populated unwanted dogs.

That said, I value the qualities in a well bred dog from a conscientious breeder.  Those good breeders will keep the bloodlines pure and true to the breeds working genes.  Let them do that.  Join with me and stop endless ego and money focused breeding.  PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SPAY AND NEUTER ORGANIZATION AND SAVE PRECIOUS LIVES.  Walk through any shelter and know hundreds and thousands of fine dogs are euthanized simply because they have been forgotten by mankind.  This is not the simple plea of a “Crazy Dog Lady” they are facts.  Breeding needs to be controlled.  Please do your part.  

Thank you!

Andy Lloyd and the Dandy Dawgs Crew
I want to thank Katie Borman and Arizona Best Friends for the wonderful article recognizing my years of training dogs in the Prescott area.  Arizona Best Friends offers national level rescue and adoption network services.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based training techniques, obedience classes and special canine events.
Dog trainer Andy Lloyd of Dandy Dawgs offers positive reward based dog training techniques, dog obedience classes, special canine events, spay and neuter education and information, innovative problem dog behavior solutions, private and group dog training classes, along with lots of fun things to do for people and their canine companions in the beautiful Prescott, Arizona area. Call or email Andy today for more information and to arrange your free consultation!
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